egg quality

9 November 2021

11:00 - 12:30 CET and 14:00 - 15:30 CET

Egg quality

Webinar organised with the working group EF4.
Chairs: Dr Cristina Alamprese (Italy) & Dr Joël Gautron (France)

Webinars will be open to registered participants only. Registration fees include online access to the webinars, to all e-posters, and attendance to the on-site event in 2022.


Chair :  C. Alamprese (Italy), J. Gautron, (INRAE, France) 


11:00-11:25 CET 
Frédéric HERAULT,
INRA, Saint Gilles, France 
Identification of polymorphisms in Protein Coding Genes which affect eggshell quality traits in layers

11:25-11:40 CET
Quan-Lin LI,
China Agricultural University, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
Genetic variations for the eggshell crystal structures revealed by genome-wide association study in chicken 

11:40-11:55 CET
Hebei Agricultural University , Baoding, China
Study of Measurement Methods on Phenotype of Translucent Eggs

11:55- 12:10 CET
Guang-Hai QI,
Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China
Mitochondrial transcription factor A-induced decline in mitochondrial biogenesis in relation with the depigmentation of brown eggshell

12:10-12:25 CET
Hajime HATTA, Kyoto Women’s University, HIgashiyama-Ku, Japan
Yolk index (YI) as a freshness indicator of hen eggs also relate to Salmonella growth inside shell egg 

12:25-12:30 CET
Final remarks


14:00-14:25 CET 
Eleonora LOFFREDI,
DeFENS , University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Non-destructive prediction of shell egg quality by near-infrared spectroscopy 

14:25-14:40 CET 
INRAE, Nouzilly, France
Guinea fowl eggshell structural organization and particular organic matrix protein patterns to decipher its exceptional biomechanical properties 

14:40-14:55 CET 
Center Agriculture Food Environement, Trento, Italy
Comparative study of percentage of egg laying and egg quality traits in Italian slow-growing chicken breeds

14:55-15:10 CET 
Michel DUCLOS,
INRAE, Nouzilly, France
Towards the identification of the molecular pathways underlying the alteration of calcium metabolism in hens at the end of lay 

15:10-15:20 CET 
General discussion 

15:20-15:25 CET
Presentation of the laureates of the ADISSEO Research Grant (2021 – 2024) addressing feed industry challenges

15:25-15:30 CET
Final remarks