turkeys wpc

14 September 2021

14:00 - 15:30 CET


Webinar organised with the working group EF10. Chair: Dr H.M. Hafez (Germany)

Webinars will be open to registered participants only. Registration fees include online access to the webinars, to all e-posters, and attendance to the on-site event in 2022.


Chair : H.M. Hafez, Institute of Poultry Diseases, Free University Berlin & Michèle Boichard-Tixier, Chair of the organising committee of the 26th WPC

2:00-2:25 CET 
H.M. Hafez,
Institute of Poultry Diseases, Free University Berlin
Turkey production and health: current challenges (with 5 min discussion)

2:25-2:40 CET
Jean-Christophe Bodin,
Chr Hansen, Denmark
Effect of bacillus subtilis and bacillus licheniformis supplementation in turkey diets on growth performances (with 3 min questions)

2:40-2:55 CET
Monita Vereecken,
Huvepharma NV
Efficacy of a nicarbazin/monensin, a novel coccidiostat combination product, for the control of coccidiosis in turkeys  (with 3 min questions)

2:55- 3:10 CET
Francesca Soglia,
University of Bologna, Italy
Effect of dietary supplementation with vitamin e and organic selenium on turkey meat quality during storage  (with 3 min questions)

3:10-3:25 CET
Marcus KENNY, Aviagen Turkeys Ltd, UK
Dietary nitrogen reduction strategies in turkey feeds

3:25-3:30 CET
Final remarks